Nooku Guides

Contribute to the Guides

We encourage our community to contribute to the Guides (in fact we encourage you to contribute to the Framework as well).

Maybe you've figured out something that you would like to share? ... Write a Tutorial!

See something that's not quite complete or even in the sections of the Guides?...Feel free to write or rewrite it for the rest of the community.

Simply fork this Nooku Guides repository, and when you are done with your (carefully reviewed) edits make a Pull Request so we can review.


We use Gitbook to produce the guides, and suggest you get it as well. A good way to work is to use:

  $  cd /Your/Book/Path
  $  gitbook serve

And look at your work at http://localhost:4000 . As you edit and save your pages, your book will refresh in a moment as Gitbook detects a file change.

Some Writing Resources


"Great Documentation" by Jacob Kaplan-Moss