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Write a Tutorial

Writing a tutorial for the Framework Guides is a great way to contribute to the community and solidify your own knowledge. We encourage you to share any accomplishments that you are proud of in Tutorial form. To help with that, we've provided the following formatting guide. It should help keep your submissions consistent with the rest of the tutorials and make sure your message gets across. To get started, check out the Contribute page for general instructions.

Tutorial Title

The title should be clear and concise. It should contain the principal subject and the task at hand. For example:

"Building 'Permissable' Behaviors for Your Component"

Author (optional)

You can provide your name, email and one url.

File Name and Placement

The guides and tutorials are written in Markdown and published using Gitbook. The file name will therefore need the '.md' file extension. It should also be based on the Tutorial Title and be no more than four (4) words connected to each other with a hyphen '-'. Also, the file name should not collide with any class names in the Framework, i.e. .

Place your tutorial in the ./tutorials directory of this book, and add the appropriate entry in the file under:

* [Tutorials](

Here’s a good example based on our Tutorial Title from above: tutorials/ .

Skill Level

These are beginner, intermediate and advanced (most will be intermediate or advanced).

Relevant Sections and Classes

Provide the user a class list (and link to the appropriate page in if possible) and areas of concern or relevant Framework sections.

For example:

classes: KControllerModel, KControllerView, KControllerBehaviorPermissable

areas of concern: Naming Conventions, Behaviors, Controllers


State the objective of the tutorial here. It should not be more than one (1) or two (2) sentences. This statement should be reflective of the title.


This is the meat of the entire tutorial. It should be a set of step by step instructions on how to get the task completed. All code examples should be triple backtick enclosed with the appropriate language label. For example:

function ask(){
    echo "Do you Nooku?";

Images and screenshots are also a welcome addition and can help crystallize the information you are trying impart to your reader. Note, image file names should be descriptive and non-generic (not screenshoot-20141007.png), and should go into the ./resources/images/tutorials/[filename]/[imagename], where the [filename] is the same as you use for your tutorial. For example:


This should be a deeper discussion of the theory and the background behind the solution. Potentially some rationale for the need to do this, the benefits, and unintended consequences (the gotchas) of the technique.


Give credit where credit is do and share the wealth when it comes to great resources! List any relevant references your reader may find useful.