Nooku Guides

The Backend Component Loader

The entry-point contains the very first code that gets executed when you visit

To get going just like the Front End component create the following file


Then place the following code in that file:

<?php echo KObjectManager::getInstance()

Tip: This file is the exact same as in the Front End version of the com_todo entry point except that the dispatcher identifier is for admin instead of site.

This line simply loads the dispatcher and calls the dispatch action.

Now, try pointing your browser to

You will get an error, something like No Todos Todos Table.

When there is no view parameter in the request, Nooku tries to load the pluralized name of the component as its view, in our case 'todos'. But this won't work because we haven't defined the view by that name, nor have we defined a table to match.

As you can see the view is very important. It tells the component dispatcher which Controller to load, which loads the Model and the actual View object. The view in a Nooku Framework component is fundamental. This is why that at the very least the folder structure and the template of the view needs to be defined.

The Framework needs to know how you want that information rendered.